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What is meetasiawomen and why are we different?

meetasiawomen is one of the largest leading international online dating platform to help people connect and foster serious relationships with beautiful ladies from Asia. Building a unique collaboration network of trusted dating agency partners located in major cities in Asia, we provide our members with a safe and secure environment to initiate and develop correspondence, and make communication as "live" as possible.
The success of meetasiawomen is the result of strictly selected and verified profiles from quality singles, efficient cross-cultural communication solutions, innovative technology, unrivaled dedication to customer satisfaction, and most importantly, demonstration of our firm commitment to protection against fraud. We put safety and honesty above all else while running business toward our goals.

Are the ladies verified and real?

1). Authenticity of lady profiles
meetasiawomen provides an online communication platform and the profiles listed on the site are submitted by the local agencies with whom we cooperate. The authenticity of ladies' profiles are primarily in the control of the agencies. Ladies' profiles need to go through a primary verification and validation process carried out by the agencies. Before we post them on our site, screening and verification process will be taken by our verification team. Only profiles passing the identity and SMS verifications and which comply with the requirements are uploaded. We do strive to eliminate any suspicion of fake profiles via random routine checks, and gentlemen should be cautious during correspondence with any lady.
2). Validity of lady profiles
The agencies contact the lady members to authenticate, verify and update their profiles periodically, ensuring validity of the profiles.
3). Seriousness of the ladies
The ladies are not models or hired by us to write mail. We do not communicate directly with the ladies, and definitely do not charge them fees or pay them to use the service.
Before applying for profile posting on the site, ladies are required to sign and agree to the terms of use and bear the responsibilities of their actions. Ulterior motives other than developing a successful relationship will not be tolerated. We will carry out random checks on ladies' replies and telephone investigations periodically, striving to ensure the sincerity and seriousness of the ladies.
If you are uncertain about the situation of a particular lady during correspondence, you can inform us of your doubts and we will investigate the lady's details.

What payment options does meetasiawomen accept?

1).Online payment:
Security guaranteed! You can use your credit card, debit card or PayPal account. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card and debit cards are all accepted. Buy credits now!
2).Offline payment:
Western Union, Money Gram, Bank Wire Transfer and International Money Order are accepted. Your account will be credited manually upon receipt of your payment confirmation. See related instructions for offline payments.

How does meetasiawomen deal with dishonest practice and dating fraud?

Service quality is the key to meetasiawomen's success. So we put a lot of effort into fighting against all dishonest behavior which may be harmful to our reputation or to the confidence of our clients. Our people have the ability and determination to protect the rights of every user on the site.
Agencies are the most direct service suppliers in respect to meetasiawomen's online matching platform. The approval of lady profiles and delivering translated messages concern every gentleman, because each one of them expects services which are sincere and genuine. Therefore, meetasiawomen adopts strict rules and regulations to bind on any activities performed by the agencies.
Sincerity of ladies tops the list of gentlemen's concerns. Apart from the regulations for the agencies and random checks on ladies, meetasiawomen adopts a series of standards and guidelines to prevent fraudulent cases potentially caused by female members from happening.
To learn more about our firm commitment to protection against fraud, see our Anti-fraud Policy.

Privacy and online security issues

meetasiawomen takes online security and privacy very seriously. With the adoption of the most current innovative technology, your registration and login are under a high level of security protection. meetasiawomen's online purchasing system is protected by an industry standard security - in this case GeoTrust and Trustwave, the world's leading Certificate authorities. To protect your privacy, we use highly secure order processing services, such as Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode, provided by third-party billing companies. Your transaction and usage on meetasiawomen is safe. See our Privacy Policy to learn more about this.
For the best protection of security and safety of all its members, we have adjusted our policy towards the U.S. IMBRA Law. The exchange or sharing of private contact details of members using any services on the site is not permitted. We will only request personal disclosures online from male members for using the Cupid Date service.

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