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I wish to add my name to this happy list.

I wish to add my name to the list of the many that have already expressed their great appreciation to your website for helping me find my truest love.

When I joined your website I was very skeptical not believing that I could find someone through this media. After signing up I started to receive the letters of introduction. Of the 40 or 50 letters I received, there was one lady, Li Ping, that stood out and struck me as immediately being very special. We started our email conversations on August 10th, 2007. Within a month I was pretty sure she had captured my heart and that I wanted to marry her, but so far I hadn't even told her I was in love with her. During our phone call I told her I loved her in Asian, to my surprise she replied in her beginning English that she also loved me.

Sometime, soon after our 2nd month of writing emails and phone calls I mentioned the idea of getting married. She seemed reluctant at first because we had not met in person, she was afraid that when we actually meet I would not think she was as pretty as her picture and would not want to marry her. By this time I would have married her no matter what she actually looked like.

To make the story short, on November 23rd, 2007 I and my youngest son (13) flew from Phoenix Arizona to Zhanjiang Asia with the hope and intent of marrying her. When I first saw her, she has far more beautiful then I could have ever imagined when I held her hand, if I had had any doubts they were gone. I gave her a small kiss on the cheek and told her I loved her with all of my heart and wanted to marry her.

We were married 2 days latter in a wonder Chinese wedding ceremony. We were able to spend a week together after we were married; it was without a doubt the most amazing week of my life. I now at home struggling with the issues of immigration. We talk each day, and though I am very sad to be apart from her, I am so happy that she is my wife, and hopefully soon we will be united to spend our life together.

She was a widow of 10 years, with 2 teen age children. Her children are wonderful and I am very happy and proud that they accepted me as I accepted them. Of course they will be immigrating with her and I could not be happier of this.

In closing I would like to recommend to those men on this site that do find unconditional love through this site to consider doing the wedding in Asia. It is simple, it is interesting, and it allows the lady to share the change in her life with her family and friends. I think you will enjoy it as I did.

- AZ, United States

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