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Foreign Dater: I want a companion from Asia. May I?

Most members of Meetasiawoemn are happy to find a good companion in their life. But usually there is an agonizing moment over the decision to go on a date. It all boils down to confidence - an essential pre-requisite to achieve a happy ending in a relationship.

> I'm anything but just an ordinary man. May I?
Thousands of letters received by Meetasiawoemn state things like "I really appreciate Asia culture and respect Asian Women. However, I am not good looking. I am neither young nor rich. The worst thing is I can't even speak Asia. I have never been to Asia in my life. Is it really possible to find my love here?"
If the very thought of going on a date with a Asia woman makes you shudder with fear, we understand. But we're here to tell you that you never know what's around the corner. You must have confidence in yourself. Age and appearance are just additional conditions, which should not be all and end all. Most of the time, they are useless in the eyes of your true love.

Remember, everyone is unique and you are simply you. A beautiful appearance will wither and will not withstand the trial of time, and women won't necessarily be impressed by your exceptional pretty face. Likewise, money can't buy you love. Love can still exist even you are down to a lack of cash.

The key to a successful start is to bring out your unique qualities and interests in your profile which cannot be applied to anybody else on the site. Do you have a good anecdote about yourself? Re-tell it. These aspects are far more important than your age or how you look. There is no ill-feeling about it.

Asian Women are kind, optimistic and candid. These are the characteristics in them. Your heart is far more important. If you are really determined to marry a Asia woman, be confident! Be ready to give her all your heart.
> Why would she choose a foreigner?
Perhaps it is difficult to think of a reason why such a beautiful woman, both on the outside and on the inside, would want to marry a foreign man? Some men are even in disbelief when such shy and beautiful Asian Women express their love to them.

In fact, if you take a closer look at our site, most women are mature. Some may even have experienced hardship in their previous marriages, and now bear the responsibility to take care of their children by themselves. More often than not, these women are more responsible, independent and know how to take care of others. However, it won't be easy for them to find their Mr. Right again, bounded by the unwritten society constraints in Asia. Even when they find like-minded suitable men, relationships often turn out to be a failure. Luckily, we are now living in a far more developed world where Asia ladies find it easier to find their potential mates around the world via the Internet. They will take every opportunity they can. They are surprised to learn that you, coming from a background totally different from theirs, tend to feel more excited about their interests, hobbies or characteristics than their past experience, which is the main reason why you attract them.
However, a common unfair stereotype against Asian Women is that they want to be granted the immigration benefits or the foreign citizenship through foreign marriage. They hate this type of comment. In fact, it doesn't do them any justice because, for them, seeking love from other country is far more challenging than you can ever possibly imagine. Obstacles include the uncertainty over a distanced relationship, culture and language barriers, judgment from others, objections from friends and family, homesickness, and so on. Some women would love to live abroad and start a new life because they think it is the ultimate heal to their unhappy previous relationships in Asia. We are no doctor to see if this medicine is effective or not. But one thing is for sure, no one likes playing games with their own relationships. If a relationship doesn't make them feel loved, however attractive the benefits they may get, the relationship won't blossom.

She knows exactly what men from the West are like. Asian Women are sweet, apprehensive and sensitive. Western men are intelligent, passionate and open-minded. So what does this mean? There should be chemistry when both positive qualities come together in a relationship.

> Is Meetasiawoemn a right "go-between"?
Meetasiawoemn is regarded as one of the most trusted and safest online matrimonial sites, with the highest success rate in the world, since its inception in 1998. Our countless success stories prove that Meetasiawoemn's unique business model of cooperating with agencies can effectively solve the culture and language barriers. Backed up by our efforts in gathering gentlemen's online experience and feedback, we strive to provide the best services for our members, and actively help you out with problems from posting your profile to answering the little questions you may have.

We are always confident about bringing new hopes to gentlemen who are in search of the one in the ocean of romance. Click here to learn more.

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