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Three things you need to consider before marriage

Congratulations! After the distanced love marathon across the mountains and ocean, you finally found the one. You must be surprised that a love like this is in the cards for you and it is completed by our mature online dating service. There are things you may come across.


> ONE: About "success fee"
She answered "yes" and she is willing to become your princess on her nuptial day after a classic "one-knee" proposal. However, crack in the relationship emerges – because the agency may require you to pay the so-called "Success Fee", which may cost you from several hundreds to several thousands USD. If you have no prior notice about such fee, then it must come as a shock to you. Before deciding whether accept it or not, it is better for you to understand the following three points on such fee:

1. Meetasiawoemn never charges "success fee".
Trust us. We always stick to what we have promised - Meetasiawoemn never charges agency or lady any fee and strictly prohibits agency staff or translator from doing so, under the premises that such fees are charged for translation or message delivery related to Meetasiawoemn services. However, Meetasiawoemn has no authority to intervene in the agency business operation as it is a business entity which is totally independent from us. Even agency can recommend websites other Meetasiawoemn to the ladies for them to post the profiles in order to increase their chances for success. In these events, service agreement may exist between the lady and the agency, and service charge (or "success fee") will be levied. Service charge (or "Success fee") may cover services provided by the agency, such as dating expert's guidance, visa consultation, western etiquettes training, etc. Service agreement vary from agency to agency.


Just like other business, agency would love to diversify its revenues by providing more services to the ladies as it is impossible for their business growth or service enhancement if their profits are only supported by Meetasiawoemn. So, we totally understand why there is a service charge levied on the lady. But please bear in mind that Meetasiawoemn never gains any interests or profits from the so-called "Success fee".


2. "Success fee" is not absolutely unreasonable.
If you say eagerly assuming success fee is only an dishonest tool for money, that is totally unrealistic. As we've mentioned before, it can be regarded as capital injection to their service enhancement. Asia ladies' attitudes towards money are largely influenced by the values they were brought up with and, to a certain extent, they are very cautious about the way they spend. So, lavishing large sum of money on something not serious is definitely not their practice. If not for their lifelong relationship, they won't splash out such fee to the agency as for them, it is no easy money.

Looking at this issue from another perspective, such fee can be summed up as the lady's faithfulness to you that is priceless. She knows very well that Meetasiawoemn charges gentlemen for writing and receiving the letters. As every letter you sent is paid, it is never been easier to find the most sincere gentlemen through Meetasiawoemn. Every reply is a testament to your faithfulness and honesty. If she treated it as a casual game, she would have chosen other sites where open relationship is targeted, which are far cheaper than here.


3. You don't have to be the one to pay such fee
Formally speaking, lady is the one who signed the service agreement with the agency and you shouldn't be the one to pay. But in Asia traditions, it is very common for a couple or two lovers to share their financial burdens together and in most cases, men are supposed to pay more, just like an old Asia saying goes, "Man are breadwinner, women are homemakers". Sounds like an unfair advantage but it is pretty true. It is not surprising that agency staff or the lady will show you the agreement and ask fee from you instead, given that such traditional thoughts are deeply instilled in their minds. They considered you as her family already.

It may well be the case that male are still holding a dominant power in a contemporary Asia society, however, financially speaking, women are becoming more and more independent. Some of the ladies reject the idea that men are the animals to pay bills and she is willing to share it. Certainly, gentlemen are gentlemen. Most do not care to pay for the fee as to demonstrate the first step to embrace the Asia culture.


For one thing, you should confirm your intention to marriage with your lady before choosing to pay the fee. When you still have doubts over whether she is your life partner, you are strongly recommended not to pay anything to the agency or the lady. Often the biggest problem is down to the break-up of a relationship after the pay.


> TWO: Can I share my success story?
For those who have successfully found their ideal mates, sharing their experience is another wonderful thing and they can't wait to tell the whole world about this wonderful message. It is our pleasure to help spread your news to others. How would you like a chance to share your story? Here is where you come in: your own stories, photos, videos, written thank-you letters, etc.


But why I should share my story to others?There are countless reasons for you to submit us your story.

First, your success story can definitely help Meetasiawoemn and its authorized agency build prestige among the online dating and matchmaking industry, and your story can be an injection of confidence to those who want to pursuit an intercultural marriage.

Second, sharing your experience is a good way to make a solemn pledge of love toward your lady, let others know how you define the value of love. It is your promise to the lady.

Finally, your sharing can be regarded as an award to the agency, to recognize excellence in their service and foster a long-term and friendly relationship with other gentlemen who are in search of their love. Agency can play the role as a "go-between" when cultural conflicts or grumbles set in, as couples usually first seek advice and support from the agency.


The only concern about sharing their experiences is privacy. Don't worry. We have already taken it into consideration. Meetasiawoemn will not disclose your contact information when posting your success stories. Likewise, we won't disclose such personal information to other parties without your consent. Your success story will only be served as a sharing and we won't solicit any benefits from there. Meanwhile, security measures will be stepped up against any intrusions from other sites.


> THREE: Should I stay here or take her back to my home country?
There should be a place for both of you to settle in well and build a little love nest after marriage. But where should be the best place? No idea is right or wrong for this question. Let's face it. Most couples struggle at some time or other when sorting out where they should live together. Before analyzing exactly where you two should live, be prepared to be honestly talking with your other half and come to a compromise.

Both may not be willing to live abroad, however, which is often the way cross cultural marriage turns out. This factor may mean less to some people as they want to build closer ties with their partner and are willing to understand what personal history and home country mean to them. Then, you must go into the process with your eyes open, fully aware of the pitfalls and come up with a solution. Perhaps one of the possible way to solve this problem is to live in each other's home country from time to time, and try to find where both of you mutually find excitement.


Many couples choose to live in the gentlemen's home country. By immersing themselves in a foreign environment, ladies pick up the language easily and become more familiar with the foreign culture. It seems to just happen that ladies can win the heart and respect from the gentlemen's family and friends because of her unique oriental charisma and sweet personality. Some gentlemen do move to Asia and live their life here since they very much appreciate Asia culture. Many real examples can show these gentlemen settle in well in another environment and situation. Some might choose to live in both countries back and forth or take holidays to visit back home. Life as living in another country is regarded more exciting and fruitful to others who are not.

Anyway, you must really be prepared to think about this topic, not just tell yourself that you are, because you are in love. Love can change over time, the initial excitement can change into a deep-rooted mutual respect, a different type of love, in the best relationship.


Agency staff and Meetasiawoemn are very willing to share this joyful moment with you. When you complete the things above, agency staff should submit an application to us and cancel the posting of the lady's profile. As she has already found you, she should call off the search.

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