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Finally, meeting your lady is one of the tasks added to your schedule. As you've invested your feelings, time and money into the relationship, you look forward to the meeting, but meanwhile, you feel a bit agitated. It is important for you to take note on the decision to meet up with your lady.

> Self Evaluation: are we at the stage to meet up?
Meeting up is essential, of course. You don't want the relationship to be one that is clinging in cyberspace. But how do you determine when is the right moment for you both to meet? It is important for you to figure out whether your relationship is worth the trip. Here are some points to note before planning the trip:

1. Make sure that she knows you well: Not too many people, especially girls, like to meet their online daters without knowing them thoroughly enough. Asia ladies are no exception. It is common. So the golden rule is to let her know about your background, interests, hobbies, habits, your special experiences, etc, before meeting up with her.

2. You should know her well too: Please understand more about the lady's personal information and take note on what she really is. You are recommended communicate with her via EMF mail, Live Chat and Love Call. It can help you build intimacy and work out healthy relationships.

3. Make sure the lady is genuinely looking forward to the meet-up: After you confirm the basics and the date of the meeting, there is still one thing you need to clear up – is she really prepared to see you? It is important to remember that an urge to meet up may be an emotion that comes and goes. If your lady is desperately looking forward to meeting you, then go for it.

Once you have worked through these issues with your lady, you can prepare, pack your stuff and embark on a journey to meet her.

> Should I go to see her in Asia or invite her to see me?
In general, we suggest gentlemen to come to Asia because of the following reasons:

1. Easier procedure: It is very difficult for the lady to obtain a visa to go to your country, given that income proofs and background checks are subject to grounds for denial. Instead, it is relatively easier for you to apply for a Asia visa.

2. Language barriers: It is a wall posed for both of you because of different mother tongues. But the difficulties the lady faces are definitely more challenging if she goes to your country than you may experience in Asia. In Asia, English is becoming more common, particularly among the younger generation in big cities. And the best thing is the agency is located in Asia and translators are always there to help you, in case there are any problems or conflicts.

3. Cultural differences: In many cultures, the tradition in a relationship has been for the man to propose to the woman, not the other way round. It is especially true for the Asia. So, your coming to Asia is definitely important. It is a sincere move to express your love as well.

> How many ladies should I meet? Is there a need to have one as "back-up"?
A trip to Asia does cost you a lot of time, effort and money. If reality doesn't match the fantasy, then what? So some gentlemen plan to see several ladies at once and treat some of them as "back-up". Whatever solutions come up in your mind, it is better to think about the reality and make up your own decision.

Some gentlemen only like to contact one lady during their visits because that's the only relationship they care for. There's absolutely nothing wrong with this and we appreciate their single-minded pursuits of true love. But still, sometimes we suggest gentlemen to visit other ladies too. Don't get it wrong - we do not encourage open relationships but we just want to remind you that anything can happen after a meet-up and chemistry may not exist when you meet her in person. If such situation occurs, you can tell your feelings to the agency staff frankly - they may make a reasonable arrangements for you.

Other ladies you meet may not be your lifelong partner, but they can still be your friends, and it is morally right to visit an good friend. But still, we do not advise you to arrange too many dates, as it can be quite exhausting.

> What about giving her a surprise without giving her prior notice?
Your love life should be spiced up by romance and surprise, and this should be stated in the bible of love. But think about it - would you "totally take her by surprise" if you suddenly showed up in Asia? We love surprises, but not in such an awkward way. After all, she might not be too sure about the whole situation. Most importantly, she has only conversed with you through email; she still hasn't seen you in person yet. This kind of surprise might frighten her.

Emotionally speaking, she definitely won't be well prepared either.

Therefore, it is better to leave your surprises for other areas rather than a sudden show-up in Asia. And you need now to get her on board to confirm everything:

1.Whether the lady, or someone, is able to pick you up at the airport;
2.The lady's contact information: her phone number and/or residential address;
3.The agency's contact information, including the address, office phone number, translator's mobile number. If possible, you may request the agency to send you an image with all the contact information stated. In case you need any help, you can contact the agency directly;
4.Hotel/Accommodation: whether the reservation is arranged yourself or by the lady;
5.Detailed travel arrangements: whether she is available to meet you and take you to the tourist spots;
6.Translation services: whether a translator is required;
7.We've also prepared a list of essentials for your visit to Asia. Please click here!
Good preparation is half way to success and it is worth being completely sure. Meetasiawoemn wishes you success in advance!

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