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  Meetasiawoemn is building a safe platform for serious communication between people of different languages and cultures. Thousands of gentlemen have realized their dream here and we hope you will also enjoy a safe and satisfying love-seeking journey. Please kindly be reminded with the following tips during your search of your one-to-marry-with:

Before communicating with a lady

1) Make sure you have completely understood how Meetasiawoemn works so that you can better use our services and protect your own interest.

2) Provide detailed personal information and keep your account confidential. Do NOT unfold your personal contact info before establishing full trust with a lady.

3) Know more about Asian ladies and things that you should be more careful when starting a relationship, which will be helpful for avoiding unwanted troubles.

4) Spend money clearly. Understand the services provided by Meetasiawoemn, free or chargeable, and the free serviced provided by agencies to the ladies.

5) Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Meetasiawoemn Customer Care Team to receive timely assistance.

During your communication with a lady

1) There are a large number of ladies on our website and you may find the one you have chemistry with very quickly. But please do NOT jump into the relationship too early. Try to understand her as much as possible, such as her background and other situations to avoid being hurt.

2) Pay attention to the language and culture differences during your correspondence. If you have any doubt in the lady or the letters, please contact the agency or Meetasiawoemn. When misunderstanding arises, face it positively and communicate candidly.

3) When you want to develop the relationship further, please think it over. Please be alert and aware of self-protection.

4) You can communicate with the lady by using different services of Meetasiawoemn to have better understanding of each other. Whatever service you use, please carefully evaluate its practicability and validity.

5) If your lady asks you for money, please be alert. You are strongly recommended to report it to us because it is absolutely prohibited on Meetasiawoemn.

6) Please look back the whole process after you communicate for some time and think what you are expecting. If you don’t think she is the one for you, please make a decision as soon as possible.

While you are preparing for your Asia visit to a lady

1) Make sure you have spoken to the lady over the phone, other than only emails or letters. Even if there is limitation in oral English for the lady, the call can be made under assistance by corresponding agency or any third party.

2) Check with the lady if she could send you more photos of her and bring along at least one with you for your journey. Better if a webcam chat is available for you two to meet before your trip.

3) Please confirm with your lady your travel schedule and accommodation, whether interpretation or other services are needed, etc. If necessary, you can ask for you assistance from her or the agency.

4) If the lady lives where the agency located, you are recommended to contact with the agency as they will be the best helper during your trip in Asia.

5) Entrust reliable organizations to help you handle the affairs related to your visa for Asia.

6) Know more about travel tips to ensure a safe journey.

Meeting a lady face to face

1) Make sure you have got direct contact methods to find your lady and the agency, asking for help if needed. Have reasonable caution and wariness when dating.

2) Don't forget to get the invoices or receipts to protect your interests if the agency provides you with any additional services, such as interpretation.

3) Please remember you are under no obligation to pay any fees to the agency at any time. If the agency or lady ask you to pay a success fee in anyway, expressedly or implicitly, please refuse or ask for more details and then make your own decision.

4) You are not suggested to give her large number of money or precious gifts before establishing a stable relationship.

5) It is difficult for you to completely understand your lady's real background and characters through the Internet. Therefore, it is advisable to try to read her face during the dating to deepen your understanding. If any unpleasure arises during your dating, please contact the agency.

Before you become engaged or married

1) Marriage is one of the most important decisions in your life. Therefore, please make sure you known enough about your wife-to-be before getting engaged and do not be too rushed.

2) Asian ladies usually have a strong sense of family and in a certain sense, especially for Asia ladies. When you marry an Asian lady, you also "marry" her family. So don't forget to get to know her friends and family.

3) Make preparations for bringing your lady to your country at the right time. Such as Visa application, teaching her more knowledge about western culture and life, and etc.

Meetasiawoemn has been making great efforts in offering a safe environment for gentlemen who are seriously seeking long-term relationships with Asian ladies. Although we have established a strict monitoring system requiring the local agencies to provide the most satisfied and efficient services to our sincere clients, risks always exist in online dating. Therefore we still suggest you to keep cautious when getting to know people online and off-line, but don’t feel nervous about taking the initiative to make connections. With a little common sense and the tips above, you should be able to have a rewarding experience on our website.



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