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Drop her the first line

As the Asia saying goes, "a good start is already half way to success". It's your first EMF mail that matters! With a well-written EMF mail as a starter, you can leave a terrific impression on a woman, and pave the way for a promising relationship. Learn about some helpful tips now!

1. Be polite, honest and sincere
Who likes impolite, dishonest or insincere people? No-one, of course! Courtesy in writing a letter is needed. If you can give a nice first impression to the woman by highlighting your strengths and respect for her in your mail, it is likely that you will succeed in the future.

2. Address her correctly
Asia names are combined by a family name and a given name. Unlike the usual firstname-surname order in Western cultures, a Asia name is written with the family name first and the given name last. It may be confusing to you at the start. It's better for you to refer to her by her given name, rather than her full name as it sounds more intimate. You can also inquire about the connotations of her name, or how her name is written in Asia.

3. Compliment the Asia lady and let her know why you are interested in her
Don't forget to tell her how attractive she is to you. Just like all women around the world, Asian Women like being admired by men. Simply tell her why you like her. Naturally, when she is praised, special feelings will develop fairly quickly between both of you. Then when such feelings are developed, you should go on to talk about information written in her profile and find out the similarities between both of you. Talk about the things she likes or the things she loves to do, and express your interest to have a better understanding of her. She will be delighted to talk freely and share her inner self with you.

4. Introduce yourself to her
You are advised to talk more things related to yourself, including what you do, your experiences, interests, hobbies, family etc. In this way, the lady will understand you better and feel safe and assured when communicating with you.

5. Tell her what you are looking for in a relationship
Tell her what you are looking for in your ideal mate, and what future plans you have in your life. If the lady has a different idea, she can discuss it with you and reach an agreement for a better solution.

6. Don't rush, take it slowly
Even at just the beginning stages of a relationship, we understand you are eager to approach the lady. Or you may even realize that she is the right and only one. You want to meet her immediately, talk to her, and engage with her.
Slow down. Love won't happen in a day! Asian Women are more conservative regarding relationships and will not easily open their hearts to strangers. They need time to communicate and to understand you. So it is better to communicate with the lady step by step and in a way that makes her feel comfortable. This way, you will find it easier to get into her heart and win her love.

7. Leave open questions for an interactive communication
Leave open questions (not just yes/no questions and answers) to create opportunities for further interactive communication. Avoid asking questions that merely solicit a yes/no answer. Instead, propose questions which can lead to her answering more.

8. Try to understand and listen
For those women who have been hurt in their previous relationships, they are more anxiously looking for respect and comfort from gentlemen rather than denial or judgment. If you have a woman follow your requirements in a way that is not sensible to her, she will have negative feelings toward you. So, for smooth communication, you are advised to discuss your concerns with her, try to understand her feelings and consider her situation.

9. Include good photos
You can attach a maximum of 3 photos in each EMF mail. If you wish to give a strong impression on ladies, it is best that you upload your photos in the mail. There are various photos you can send, such as your personal photo, a photo of your family, workplace, pet, etc. To avoid any misunderstanding, you should:
- Dress properly - be nice and clean;
- Never post naked photos.

10. Keep your English as easy to understand as possible
Many Asian Women are still learning English and will try to understand your mail. So you are strongly recommended to explain and discuss matters in the simplest form of English. Avoid the use of idioms or slangs.
> Things you should avoid when sending your first mail
Certain things are dos but there are some don'ts! Make sure don't turn off your potential mate by doing any of the following:
1. Write a short mail
A short length mail would not convey enough information about yourself to the lady. Also, women might doubt your sincerity.
2. Use capital letters
Using capital letters seem like you're yelling. It would be difficult for the lady to read the whole sentence as visually - capital letters are not pleasant.
3. Force her to follow your requests
It will cause resistance to the lady if you strongly request her to do whatever you want in your first EMF message.
4. Send naked photos
Asian Women are relatively conservative. If you send her such photos, the lady will consider such action as abnormal and insulting. It will put your sincerity in doubt.
5. Doubt the lady too much
Smooth communication will be built up in an honest and open atmosphere. Doubt will turn off a promising relationship.
6. Rush to propose to her or to meet her
Even if you have decided on a certain lady, you should not propose to her, or ask to meet her after your first letter. Your hastiness will scare her, and make her feel untrustworthy.

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